Meeting Dates, Passwords and Subjects/Guests

October 26 2020- PW: .uFY+s.8

 November 9 2020 With TD's Domenic and Jessica- PW:^!j72P*V 

November 16 2020- Year-end goals/ Start of 2021 planning- OPEN DISCUSSION Client retension gifts, Christmas and holiday gifts- PW:.j@09gsV 

 November 23 2020- Regional Manager Joined SEEDS-  Rate- Penalty- Costs- APR-LEGAL FEES—APPRAISALS-BRIDGE – HST- Broker Fees- Property Taxes-  Referral- how our business operates- Recommended partners in your spheres like real estate lawyers/ Separation Lawyers /realtors/ inspectors/ insurance reps/- Capital Gains--------------------Presentation slides- Ryan-Assignment Purchase hurdles-First Time Buyer purchasing rental still pays Full land transfer taxes.Reminders-Business plans   PW: 6^?7=YP3 

 Topic: Team Meeting with XMC's Ryan White Date: Nov 30, 2020 10:54 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)-  Passcode: 49*arkn^ 

Team Business Plan Meeting - Passcode: ^VF7T.3H


 Friday Meeting Sessions

November 20 2020-9:54 AM-  Subjects:

Access Passcode: uCm4eG5*

Date: Nov 27, 2020 09:59 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Passcode: n*P5yv@T